Building a sustainable model

Trade School Industries is a charitable trust, social enterprise, and a therapeutic community giving formerly incarcerated the chance to turn their lives around through employment. It’s a proven solution to a difficult problem. Our goal is to run a sustainable company that reduces recidivism and therefore creates a win/win for the person, their community as well as our country.

We aim to build better lives, relationships, and communities, contribute to our economy, and also save taxpayer dollars.

Your support can make a world of difference and it’s as simple as starting with a cup of coffee.


Trade School Kitchen is a social enterprise funded by the Trade School Industries Trust. This cafe is our first venture to bridge the gap between incarceration and employment. The cafe officially opened in August of 2018.

Trade School cafe is based in the heart of Naenae surrounded by supportive community groups. Come visit us for a flash coffee and a darn good piece of cake on the corner of Hillary Court and Everest Ave .


We have a 3 year contract with the Department of Corrections to run barista training programmes within Arohata Women’s Prison. We provide an 8-week programme catered to no more than 3 women at a time within a therapeutic environment.

We do this because we believe that trust and support need to be formed from within to make reintegrating a little less daunting and the community a little more familiar.

We aim to train 30 women per year. This means 30 women with new transferable skills and job opportunities every year.

We believe in building leaders from within. Because of this we offer leadership roles for those who have graduated from the programme and want to assist in mentoring and teaching others the skills they have learnt.

 “Before I attended the barista course I was lacking in confidence and lacking in any basic skills which could prepare me for work upon my release... I have not worked for 10 years but I now feel ready to apply myself back into the workforce and to become a positive member of society once again. Without opportunities like this it would be all too easy to fall back into a life of crime. I now feel confidence within myself and motivation which I’ve lacked for some years and look forward to a more prosocial life now because of this awesome opportunity I’ve been given.” - Programme graduate

Our work is made possible with help from our partners